UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES (last update September 2019)

The courses offered by members of our section are structured as follows. For the Department of Physics there are: 10 ‘Compulsory Core’ Courses, 11 ‘Specialization Courses’ (3 ‘Compulsory’ and 8 ‘Optional’). 4 courses to other Departments belonging to the School of Science. Finally, there are 5 laboratory training courses (3 within the Physics Department and 2 courses to other Departments belonging to the School of Physics).

Students who have selected the Condensed Matter Physics Section for their specialization, should contact members of our staff for guidance regarding the offered research topics leading to their Diploma Thesis.

A detailed list of the offered courses is given below, linking to their corresponding eclass address that provides further information. Access to some of these eclass courses requires prior registration.


CORE COURSES (compulsory)

1. Introduction to Solid State Physics
2. Electromagnetism Ι
3. Lectures in Modern Physics (Seminar courses) 
4. States and Properties of Matter
5. Quantum Mechanics Ι
6. Methods of Mathematical Physics Ι
7. Methods of Mathematical Physics ΙΙ
8. Physics ΙΙ (Heat and Waves) 
9. Physics ΙΙΙ (Electromagnetism)
10. Physics  ΙV (Modern Physics) 



Compulsory Optional 
1. Quantum Optics & Lasers                    1. Energy Conversion Devices
2. Solid State Physics Ι    2. Non Linear Power Systems (Electronics, Computers, Telecommunications and Control)
3. Solid State Physics ΙΙ          3. Statistical Physics ΙΙ
   4. Physics of Biological Matter
   5. Physics of Semiconductor Devices and Quantum Heterojunctions
   6. Physics of Molecules and Nanomaterials
   7. Physics of Solid Earth  - Earthquake Dynamics
   8. Atomic and Molecular Physics (Nuclear and Particle Physics Section)


1. Physics, (Department of Biology)
2. Physics ΙΙ, (Chemistry Department)
3. Quantum Physics (Department of Mathematics)
4. Non-Linear Power Systems, (Department of Mathematics)



1. Solid State Physics Specialization Laboratory
2. Electromagnetism Laboratory - Core Physics ΙΙΙ
3. Heat and Waves Laboratory - Core Physics ΙΙ
4. Physics Laboratory, (Department of Geology)
5. Physics Laboratory,(Department of Biology)