Doctorate Degree in Physical Sciences

Holders of the Postgraduate Degree in Materials Physics, or equivalent degree, are eligible for taking the Doctorate Degree Course in Physical Sciences. In case their postgraduate studies curriculum does not correspond to the one offered here in Materials Physics, the student will have to take the courses from the Degree of Specialization program that are  considered necessary. The duration of the doctorate program is three years minimum. Applications can be submitted to the Secretariat of the Department of Physics anytime within the academic year. 

Each candidate is assigned a three-member advisory committee upon entering the program, one of them being the thesis supervisor. The doctoral research in the field of Solid State Physics is carried out at the Section of Solid State Physics. It can also be carried out at one of the collaborating universities or recognised research centres in Greece (e.g., NCSR “Demokritos”, NHRF) or abroad within the framework of bilateral agreements. The candidates should communicate with the academic staff of the Section, prior to submitting their application, to acquire their research supervisor. The advisory committee supervises the progress of the PhD candidate and provides their progress report annually.

Following its approval by the advisory committee, the doctoral thesis is defended in public by the candidate before a seven-member examination board.