Postgraduate Degree of Specialization in Materials Physics

The duration of postgraduate studies leading to the Degree of Specialization in Materials Physics is three semesters and the maximum allowed duration is four semesters. During the first two semesters, the student has to complete successfully two of the five core courses offered, as well as the two compulsory and another two of the specialization courses (see list below).

                Core Courses

                        Specialization Courses

      1. Electromagnetism.                                        1. Electronic Structure and Properties of Matter  (compulsory).
      2. Quantum Mechanics. 2. Advanced Laboratory  (compulsory).
      3. Mathematical Physics.       3. Thermodynamics of Lattice Defects.
      4. Mechanics. 4. Spectroscopic Methods for Materials Characterization.
      5. Statistical Physics. 5. Physics of Semiconducting Devices.
  6. Physics and Technology of Materials.
  7. Physics of Earth's Solid Crust.
  8. Special topic in Condensed Matter Physics.

Attendance to these courses is mandatory. Successful completion of each course requires the mark 6 out of 10 at the examinations.

In addition to these courses and during the third semester, the student should undertake a research project leading to a postgraduate thesis, which is evaluated by a committee of three professors. The final evaluation of the research thesis remains the responsibility of the Section of Solid State Physics.

A faculty member is assigned as the tutor to each student upon entering the postgraduate program. The tutor follows the progress of the student and approves the courses selected by the student.

The lectures timetable is here.

Applications to the postgraduate course of Materials Physics are submitted at the Secretariat of the Department of Physics.