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Lycurgus Award of the Academy of Athens to Assistant Professor Kosmas Tsakmakidis

The members of “Sector of Condensed Matter Physics” warmly congratulate their colleague, Assistant Professor Kosmas Tsakmakidis, on the occasion of his recent award with the “Lycurgus Award” of the Academy of Athens for original scientific work in theoretical Physics (http://www.academyofathens.gr/el/awards/laureates-2021).

The work (see below) concerns the demonstration of the existence of "quantum self-organized criticality" at nanoscopic dimensions, and in particular in nanoscopic devices – an open scientific question in theoretical physics for at least two decades –, showing how "structure" and "organization" in random, complex systems emerge spontaneously and develop evolutionarily starting from sheer "quantum vacuum fluctuations", i.e. from "quantum nothingness".

«Quantum coherence-driven self-organized criticality and nonequilibrium light localization» (Science Advances, 2018, Vol 4, Issue 3, DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aaq0465).